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Minoxsys Engage helps you connect with your audience by using a range of messaging applications including SMS, What’sApp and Line as well as voice prompts. Based on ever richer user profiles our customers can target specific audience segments, with specific messages at specific times by the click of a button on the Minoxsys Engage interface.


 Hosted web service

Minoxsys Engage is a hosted web service for mobile applications.  Its cloud engine is accessible via any mobile device and web browsers – uniquely positioning customers to gather and share vital data from any mobile phone or internet enabled device, anywhere at anytime.



 Highly configurable

As a highly configurable service, Minoxsys Engage gives organisations the ability to send, capture and share marketing material, offers and other information in a simple way.  Real-time quality information, which is accurate, complete, and timely, leads to better implemented campaigns – optimising performance and improving outcomes.


Data Aggregation

Minoxsys Engage transforms mobile devices into information consumption or capture tools. Once your users are added, we ensure that all data is sent and/or collected across geographies. We also provide a central point where you can analyse the data and use it to inform your own decision making in real-time



It´s  Scalable, Integrated and Configurable.



The core architecture is based on a multi-tenanted model that can serve the needs of many organisations, allowing them to operate in virtual isolation to one another, yet share a single physical instance and version of the application. This brings with it economies of scale in relation to infrastructure related overheads as well as continuous platform improvements as the product evolves.

Integrated and configurable

Minoxsys Engage can be integrated to any business to consumer setting so that management has a view of captured data that is meaningful to their core functions and can be viewed inside their own applications. Information collected from consumers is shared and updated with as many other users as is required.

  • Collect data from internet enabled devices including machines, apps and wearables.
  • Create new workflows to send marketing material and offers and measure success
  • Develop and deploy new applications



Intensive Data Analysis

Captured data is displayed in our rich reporting suite which displays key information to the front page of all dashboards.

Reports can be dragged and pinned to a dashboard for quick views of data that matters. Reports are displayed in text and graph formats within the user interface

Operational Benefits

Every customer’s needs are unique. So we made Minoxsys Engage configurable to meet a broad spectrum of design requirements; now customers gain deep visibility into quality, actionable data. This lays a foundation for automation, optimisation and analytics for data-driven strategic decisions.

Technology Difference

Minoxsys Engage is a simple, flexible, scalable, affordable and rapidly deployable solution. It’s ‘Low Code’ which means we can design and build custom apps without the need for low-level coding, thus increasing the speed of deployment as well as the quality.


It works seamlessly across Internet and Offline modes and gathers data in any format.


The service is highly configurable to meet the operational needs of users. Configurations are managed online, and the technology works with varying mobile communication channels.


All technology decisions have considered scale to millions of users -hence the cloud architecture and common handset support.


Minoxsys Engage can be deployed within weeks of finalising the specific requirements of your organisation.  with a rapid “time-to-value” measured in months rather than years.


Minoxsys Engage integrates with social messaging as well as CRM tools when desired.



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