smart technology, simple solution

Smart technology, simple solution

Minoxsys is a platform that can transform the way patients are engaged and managed across the healthcare system, monitoring patient flow through care pathways to identify future inefficiencies, measure and track outcomes and allow for prevention and early intervention. 

Minoxsys delivers a simple and powerful software solution to extract vital data and map patient flows across health economies to improve the process of care whilst ensuring patients know where they are in their care journey. We deliver measurable change in the way care is delivered in terms of both outcomes and cost.

We monitor care pathways in real-time with our integrated data viewing application. We give patients a view of their own pathway to navigate the health system and promote self-care by way of automated 1-to-1 interactions between patients and clinicians.


minoxsys-engage-logo3We engage with patients using a range of messaging applications and video/games content to provide and collect condition related information. Integrated with Pathways, our algorithms automate the delivery process via the channel desired based on what is recorded in clinical systems. Automated digital engagement provides the opportunity to gather vital patient recorded outcomes and promote self-care.




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